The Aelion Family History
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We are all born, to live and then die. When we are forgotten, we die a second time. The memories of our ancestors and our telling of them are what keeps them alive to us.

---Author unknown

Schlomo S. Malka 1878-1949 David's Grandfather

Schlomo S Malika


orn in Morocco in 1878 and educated in Eretz Israel, Mr. Aelion’s Great Grand Father, Rabbi Schlomo S. Malka is widely remembered and honored as a Jewish scholar, a spiritual leader and a great humanitarian who led the spiritual movement of the Jewish community in Khartoum, Sudan until his death in 1949. Rabbi Malka is long regarded as a revolutionary and visionary spiritual leader. Amongst his many accomplishments, Rabbi Malka best ensured his pages in history books by his bold leadership as one of a few Zionists calling for peaceful resistance in a time of war and disarray, a move that is currently and still being studied by the Ben Zion Institute in Israel as a potential measure to reaching a resolution in the Israel peace crisis. He is also known and respected for publishing religious articles in the Arabic language Jewish Journal of Cairo, Al-Shams. He made history (1934-1948) when he converted a house into a synagogue, obtained Torah scrolls from Egypt and Eretz Israel to teach the Torah, and officiated the Jewish re-conversion of the women who had been forced to convert to Islam at that time.

Edmonds S. Malka 1923-1997 David's Great Uncle

Edmonds S. Malka


avid Maurice Aelion’s great uncle and personal mentor, Dr. Edmond S. Malka, was Deputy Attorney General of the State of New Jersey. A jurist of international experience, with six law degrees and two doctorate degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies, Dr. Malka was a published author and an Attorney-at-Law in the states of New Jersey and New York; and practiced law in the United States Federal Supreme Court Dr. Malka was also a Barrister of Law of the Irish Bar, an Advocate of the English Colonial Bar, an Advocate of the Israel Bar, and was an Advocate of the Spanish Bar. Dr. Malka wrote extensively in six different languages, and authored several books in five different languages covering topics of law, literature, religion, psychology, philosophy and history. Among the many published works of Dr. Malka’s, David Aelion favors The Retrial Of Jesus, Derecho Anglo Americano (Anglo-Saxon Right), and Sephardi Jews : A Pageant of Spanish-Portuguese and Oriental Judaism Between The Cross And The Crescent.

Maurice J. Aelion, J.D. 1930-1978 David's Father

Maurice J. Aelion, J.D


orn in Khartoun, Sudan on August 9th, 1920, Maurice Jacob Aelion served beyond capacity in each of his numerous, prestigious professional roles, which included advocate, counselor, aeronautical defense specialist and WWII intelligence officer. He served in the Sudan Defense Force, earned two British medals, and settled in Asmara after his military service. He earned a Juris Doctorate Degree at Circolo Universita Asmara in Sudan. His litigation and contractual negotiations skills earned him recognition as an International Lawyer and aeronautical defense counselor after his extensive, impressive representation of a much publicized Ethiopian Airlines crash. Mr. Aelion met Haile Selassie as a prince and a deep friendship was instantly formed. Selassie, who possessed a deep respect of lions and kept many of them in his palace for protection, believed the Aelion name to be a direct reflection of Maurice’s ability to protect him. Maurice Aelion served as the Emperor’s personal counsel for many years.That service was terminated when civil war broke out in Ethiopia and the Aelion Family was forced to evacuate in hours...never to return to their home.

Haile Selassie I 1892-1975 Emporer of Ethiopia

Haile Selassie I


aile Selassie I, for whom Maurice Aelion served as personal counsel, is known today as a quintessential political leader and essential spiritual figure that brought Ethiopia international attention through his bold, charismatic leadership. Born in 1892, Selassie held several prestigious governmental positions, including Regent from 1916 to 1930 before ascending to Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. As a Regent, Selassie instituted widespread reforms that brought Ethiopia into the modern age, including establishing the first newspapers to disseminate his progressive views and garner support. As Regent, he also proclaimed the end of slavery in 1923, which allowed Ethiopia’s qualification into the League of Nations. As both Regent and Emperor, Selassie toured the Holy Land and many European nations, including Italy, France, Belgium, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, making him the highest-ranking member of the Imperial family to ever travel abroad. His historical initiatives served Ethiopia well, officially establishing the African nation and putting it “on the map.”

David Maurice Aelion Born 1971, Advocate and Counselor of Law.

David Aelion


former intern with the Broward County State Attorney’s Office, founding partner, David Maurice Aelion, has been in private practice for nearly fifteen years, focusing his practice in the areas of civil rights, entertainment law, commercial and civil litigation and criminal defense. Born in Ethiopia to Jewish Sudanese parents , Mr . Aelion’ s father , Maurice Aelion was forced to relocate his family when civil war broke out in Ethiopia in 1978. After spending some time in Europe and New York, the Aelion Family settled in South Florida. Maurice Aelion died shortly thereafter. Inspired by his father’s and great uncle’s legal wisdom and prolific background, Mr. Aelion decided to study law, earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University in 1992, and his Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University Law School in 1995. Most recently, Mr. Aelion’s strong spiritual drive and respect for his Judaic lineage motivated him to study Religion. He is currently a Certified Religious Studies Masters Degree candidate at Florida International University. While heading two previous law firms, Mr. Aelion also exercised extraordinary entrepreneurial acumen, establishing several successful businesses in the areas of healthcare, media and real estate, all of which are active and thriving today. His success affords him the luxury to defend the indigent, often taking on pro bono cases of moral, spiritual and human interest. Mr. Aelion is a deeply spiritual man whose practice of law is primarily guided by his very passion and respect for his family background, human rights issues and the general welfare of humanity. He has extensive experience handling high profile media cases in both the entertainment and civil rights arena.